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For transparency, accountability and to show that we will continue to develop our systems. To build the system well If we have corrected More system We will inform you on this page.

Website update history

  • #2020-10-28

    1. Add a picture of SCREEN SHORT in the website sharing page, receiving points in the member system.

    2. Added a language switcher in the member system.

  • #2020-10-20

    1. ADD SCREEN SHORT images for every website. Can be added from the administrator

  • #2020-09-12

    1. Add regulations to adjust GDRP notification to use COOKIE.

    2.Add the latest 8 recommended websites. To help open the web more

  • #2020-08-30

    1. Add a link requesting system to confirm new members can be requested from the page Check membership status By entering the email address that was registered before

  • #2020-08-25

    1. Member system improvement About member referrals

    2. Fixed errors related to SESSION website

  • #2020-08-23

    1. Open an internal website test